A bellow from heaven!

Soul Snack 31/10 ... A bellow from heaven!

It is easy for the God who is everywhere to meet me where I am at. This is in fact His delight.

There is His beaming face for the rejected, the refused and the rebuked.

There are His eyes of love for the disowned, the disenchanted and the disengaged.

There are His open arms for the lost, the least and the lonely.


"... I have summoned you by name; you are mine." (Is 43:1c)


No other privilege, no other power, no other position contains the value of this promise.

To the unknown - you are known.

To the dispossessed - you belong.

To the unwanted - you are called.

No other arm is outstretched to you as far as God's is. He stretches through the skies and bellows through the blackness - "YOU ARE MINE!"


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