The High Road of Blessing

Soul Snack 153/10 ... The High Road of Blessing

The high road of blessing is the road less travelled.

We choose our speech, commit to actions and even secure our futures with scant thought to the axioms of bringing burdens or blessings to another.

Our chance random moments, those brief unplanned increments of time we impulsively (and thoughtlessly) seize upon, can bring a blessing or a burden to another. Amongst the grasping of milliseconds or minutes, our actions may wound and weaken, or caress and care.

Who gives scant thought to the outcomes of moments seized, words spoken or actions done?

So often the only thinker in such circumstances is the receiver, those who have either been burdened or blessed.

Consider outcomes before letting out.

Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, (Col 4:6a)

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