Fragments of Charm

Soul Snack 70/11 ... Fragments of Charm

Overheard descriptions of others can be revealing. Overhead descriptions of self may be hurting.

Riddled with self-doubt ...

Fragments of charm ...

Such descriptors as these (and many others too) can assail ears, crush spirits and even destroy hearts.

These opinions, articulated strongly and delivered mercilessly may contain elements of human correctness (they may well not too). Words like those above should have fallen from the speaker's mouth prior to formation upon the lips.

God overhears all. He sees the fractured, the forlorn and the forsaken. He never sees them as riddled or fragments.

Those who may be refuse to a world in darkness are celebrated in the world of light.

He will rejoice in them for they are still:

the apple of His eye and the object of His protection (Ps 17:8 - SoulSupply paraphrase)

Soul Snippet:

Truth is found in a person, not a premise.