A Seasoned Chat!

Soul Snack 9/147 ... A Seasoned Chat!

Has anyone ever told you that to believe in God, you just have to have faith?
Maybe so, but it also seems that God has left a lot of evidence that He exists as well as curiosities that science will never explain.

Please ponder for a moment:

How could the eye ever evolve when it did not know its intended purpose (this is contrary to evolution). The eye and sight had to happen at the same time.

Similarly, which sex evolved first and how did we ever survive whilst it was waiting patiently for the
other to come along? I just don't have the faith to totally accept evolution.

But what if faith was the only thing that we had to rely on? Is it enough to just have “the substance of
things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen?" Hebrews 11:1.

A well seasoned sample chat:

Atheist: If God is so good why does He let sick people die, even though people pray?
Christian: I don't know His mind but I do know that He does not like deathh & suffering. Lam 3:33
Atheist: Not good enough! If He is so good then why is there evil in the world in the first place?
Christian: The presence of evil is alive in our continual choices. Evil is found in the absence of God. God hates evil.
Atheist: If God is so all powerful and can defeat evil, why doesn't He just do a few miracles?
Christian: People didn't believe God when He did them. Have people changed? Evil was defeated at the Cross, God is now patiently mopping up.
Atheist: I'm a scientist. I can only believe in the things that I can see, hear, taste, smell and touch.
Have you ever seen, smelt or heard God?
Christian: No. I just have faith that He is there as I reflect on all the curiosities that science still fails to explain.
Atheist: But, science proves that God does not exist.
Christian: Have you ever seen darkness?
Atheist: Yes.
Christian: There is no such thing as darkness. Darkness is defined by the absence of light. Cold does
not exist either - only the absence of heat. Death does not exist either, if that which is now
dead was not once alive.
Atheist: But opposites do exist - what about Hate and Love?
Christian: Hate is not the opposite of love. The absence of love is indifference. God can love and hate.
He loves a cheerful giver. He hates sin. But God is never indifferent.
Atheist: Show me scientific proof for your God and I will believe.
Christian: Science cannot explain electricity, magnetism or gravity yet you believe in these. Have you ever
seen evolution? I believe you have a brain, though I have never felt, seen, touched, tasted or heard it. You believe you have memories—they are vivid and real to you but I can't see them, yet I still believe you remember. You believe in the wind yet have never seen it, only its effect. (John 3:8)

I believe in God, though I have never seen Him, only His effect. This is the joy of faith. It is my pleasure in the present and my promise forever.

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." Hebrews 11:1

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An extra special thanks again to my good friend Stuart Quarmby Headmaster at Wollondilly Anglican College for this Soul Snack - 1st published in The Waratah Weekly. Stuart has a Masters Degree in Science.