Cosmic Conspiring - B

Soul Snack 9/25 ... Cosmic Conspiring - B

All walk an unseen path.

The chances of life appear with neither introduction nor warning. They are no respecter of persons.

All will have their goals and intentions for life.

Many decide for a life of indulgence.

Others desire the life of service.

Some may seek a correction upon life's path.

Others may pursue a righteousness that is to be eternally treasured.

Still others may desire to give without receiving.

I know of no-one who will choose for a life of pain - yet pain is still ready and available.

No guarantees can be given.

The walk through life can only be walked in wisdom with faith. Faith is the most stable anchor to all healthy decisions. It is wisdom outlived.

Faith is the lock to secure righteousness when all around screams wantonness.

Faith is the only correct set of the sail for life's coincidences, contradictions and conspiracies.

The conspiracies may well be active bit I can choose the wisdom of faith and never permit them victory.

He who trusts in himself is a fool,
       but he who walks in wisdom is kept safe. Prov 28:26

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