The Desert of the Soul

Soul Snack 112/13 ... The Desert of the Soul

Countless Christians endure seasons of wilderness trekking.

Moses shepherded in the desert for forty years prior to the Lord's elevation. The Israelites too travelled through barrenness for forty years preceeding Canaan. Elijah erupted from the rugged regions of Gilead to complete the mightiest of works for the Lord, before he hailed a fiery taxi to heaven. John the Baptist was a hirsute desert dweller, and the Apostle John knew deep loneliness exiled in a cave on Patmos. All have left long abiding legacies learned while sojourning in the deserts of life.

It is the most unlikley people that God puts into the most unlikley places so He may raise them to complete the most unlikley tasks. The longer the time of desert preparation the greater the task.

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"God never wastes a hurt." ~ Rick Warren

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# A very special thanks to Murray Benn who has graciously supplied the stunning Mongolian images also used in this short video.