Distracting evidence

Soul Snack 193/10 ... Distracting evidence

There are often times, in fact I am reliably informed too many times, when I just miss (fail to understand) regular events of life that others appreciate without hindrance.

It is has been unkindly suggested that I have the take-up speed of a snail in a headwind. (It's ok to smile.)

God knows that I need to be reminded especially of His goodness to me, because the contrary evidence in this world is just so abundantly distracting. The evidence claims He is disinterested, uninvolved and even impotent. It shouts at me that pain and sadness are from Him.

Reminding comes from a deliberate searching in my mind to see His good works in my life. It comes from remembering God's previous actions for me. Good hindsight is wonderful for my spiritual health and my vertical relational health.

My only response can ever be a humble and hearty thanks.

Father, I know that you have been good to me. Forgive me please for the many times I have accused you and doubted. I now thank you so much for ... (insert your own response of personal thanks). Amen

Be at rest once more, O my soul,
for the LORD has been good to you. (Ps 116:7)

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