Jesus' Black Swan - B

Soul Snack 30/10 ... Jesus' Black Swan - B

Odyssey Marine Exploration after thirteen years of diligence no longer sailed over treasure. Project Black Swan had discovered an absolute fortune forty miles off southwestern England on the bottom of the Atlantic. These riches countless boats, ignorant to what lay beneath, had sailed over for centuries.

When we gloss on devotion, ignore the Spirit's call to His word or refuse to 'dive into the unseen'  we too sail over untold riches of faith. These riches cannot be gained, because when no effort is expended ignorance must remain. It is the domain, indeed the poverty of the comfortable 'spiritual sailor.'

The depths of faith are only plummeted after the shallows of faith have been waded through.

Surely faith is the smallest spiritual muscle these days, with the largest wastage. It is the least used.

Faith is stepping into the unseen with no visible means of support.

Faith is trusting The Invisible while I still dwell in the visible.

Faith is letting go of me, and taking hold of Him.

Faith is the appeals of heaven that release me from the appeals of earth.

Faith squashes selfishness and produces selflessness.

Faith delivers boldness where there is fear.

The apostle Paul knew the riches of faith. He knew that indwelling faith was the yeast of his life. After his dramatic Damascus road encounter with Jesus, he never sailed over bullion again. He spent the remainder of his life diving into the riches of faith.

Steps of faith will look for the bullion.

"I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saint ..." (Eph 1:18)

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