A nocturnal surprise!

Soul Snack 9/143 ... A nocturnal surprise!

Bound within the goodness of God he rested. Pillow comfortable and bed so welcome! Yet curiously his heart was still alive. The sense of something 'higher' still to be reached for that evening overwhelmingly prevailed.

Tonight there was an unusual combination of bed-mates - contentment lay beside dis-satisfaction in a graceful harmony. The contenet of the present truly undistressed by the allure of the immediate future!

Strangely this unusual alliance coupled the future to the present with an alluring ease. Knowing that there is more to come is so much more restful than striving for what may come.

As contentment and disatisfaction lay in harmony gently he pulled the sheets of faith. Faith is the covering of both the content and disatisfied alike. Faith lives for a preferred future in stillness and not striving. Faith is the warmth of coverings, the protection from the elements and the pillow to recline upon.

Faith brings opposites together, releases strivings and rests when others see toil!

... We live by faith, not by sight. 2 Cor 5:7

  • Jesus wants my attention before my activity,
  • Jesus wants my heart before my head,
  • Jesus wants me to honour Him before I help Him!

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