Water Splashing

Soul Snack 39/13 ... Water Splashing

“Lord, if it’s you,” Peter replied, “tell me to come to you on the water.” “Come,” he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus. (Matt 14:28-29)

Where is the believer still comfortable and dry in the boat who:

  • will hear God's call and respond yes
  • will count the cost of Christ's come and refuse to see the wind-blown waves
  • has the faith of a child, believing water can still be walked upon
  • will build God's house before he will build his own
  • will stir his spirit by noble themes and unseen service
  • will remain debt free to be enslaved to Christ alone
  • will not gaze backwards to what he has lost
  • will walk the narrow path and know when he is wandering
  • will fear God more than man
  • grasps discipleship is about relinquishment and trust
  • loves the things of heaven more than the things of earth
  • rejects the world's wisdom and refuses to eat from the Tree of Knowledge
  • rises early while it is still dark for the Lord's company
  • doesn't attempt to wriggle from or explain away the demands of Scripture
  • has moral courage to call out sin and not tolerate compromise
  • will deny self-promotion and live Jn 3:30
  • already understands that these items are absent from his faith journey
  • will submit his spirit to the Holy Spirit
  • sees the earth simply as a highway he is travelling to home
  • will see his career in Christ alone?

The call to come remains life threateningly audacious; it has not dulled, been blunted or diluted down history's corridors.

Jesus' invitation has no compromise stamped in bold upon it. This call is the legacy of the Cross and the earthly inheritance of the saints.

This are no couch-Christians or shallow hearts at the foot of the Cross ~ for those who would take up the call of their master will also splash upon water - they will walk without any visible means of support.

O Lord, blend my human will with thine. Amen

Today's Soul Snippet:

"On your knees you can achieve far more than you can on your feet."