Wells Fargo future

Soul Snack 185/10 ... A Wells Fargo future

Daniel Boone, The Rifleman and Wyatt Earp epitomised the colonisation, indeed the conquering, of the wild American west to this young mind and countless other impressionable children, scrambling to establish their own fluent world-view.

Across every black and white TV screen, Bat Masterson, The Lone Ranger and maybe even F-Troop taught that 'good' always wins.

Connecting these adventurers across the Americas on the small screen were the six-horse Concord coaches of Wells Fargo. From 1852 -1918, Wells Fargo coaches delivered all to the wild west, where communications, trains and ships could not reach.

Victory over an old past to secure a new future was the hard won present of all these heroes (and many more) either mythical or real. From Down Unda is it correct to assume that without the supply lines of Wells Fargo, just maybe the wild west would have remained wild a lot longer?

The supply of a new future is ensured from the lines established in the present. Maintain good supply lines and manufacture a new future. Sever the supply lines and only the past is secure.

But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. (Lk 5:16)