God's garden

Soul Snack 98/10 ... God's garden

Bees buzzed, birds whistled and the world hummed.

The sun shone, the leaves glistened and the breeze caressed.

The scents of this garden delighted her as she engaged in devotion.

Bowed low in the depths of grace her spirit soared, His Spirit smiled and she rested. In this garden pure peace dwellt.

Her hands were cupped, her lips were pursed, and with eyes closed her physical response was complete. She basked in the sunshine.

Can grace be anything but generous she mused as His abundance flowed within her.

For the Spirit to smile and a soul to rise - the body must be still.

His activity is the call for my inactivity. To find rest in Jesus I must first stop in myself.

There is both rest and supernatural strength available to those willing to bow in God's garden.

It is when I stop in God's garden I receive the visitation of heaven.

"An angel from heaven appeared to him and strengthened him." (Lk 22:43)