The world's shortest ladder!

Soul Snack 9/136 ... The world's shortest ladder!

The weekly church experience can be as enervating as it is energising! The conscience whipped or consoled from the pulpit, two metres above rebuke!

The prayers and the pulpit reinforce the sin. The pages of contemporary christian literature simply compound it.

Factor in a spirit and soul assailed by a guilt ridden life. The New Testament model of faith observably absent, even abandoned, as the soul is seared yet again.

The inadequate behaviour, the immoral thoughts and poverty of action duly confirmed and then left to confront the hapless Christian with more condemnation.

With an almost gleeful chastisement there is a nearly unrelenting reminder of another rung on heaven's ladder that I must step up to. There are the seen and unseen higher rungs that disappear into the clouds of a bankrupt theology.

But wait, I now sense something severely amiss! There must be a correction!

I am already on the first rung of the ladder, it's called 'grace'. In fact I'm sure grace is both at the top and bottom of the ladder; hmm ... just maybe there is only one rung after all. Grace has released my soul but guilt from both without and within tries to bury the soul afresh!

This I do know, this am I absolutely sure and convinced of - I may never measure up as a Christian in the eyes of another or even my eyes, but I have already measured up in His!

Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, ... Rms 8:1


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