Jesus' invasion

Soul Snack 95/10 ... Jesus' invasion

Have you ever been overlooked for a promotion?

Have heartfelt promises to you ever been broken?

Has the 'ebb' and 'flow' of life meant more 'flow' and less 'ebb'?

Do you walk behind your peers when you want to walk beside them?

Have the 'gods' and 'goals' of your youth faded?

Have you seen relationships crumble and trust vaporize?

Has the joy of belonging escaped?

Has belief morphed into duty?

Have you sowed much and reaped little?

Have the desires of the heart melted into the impossible?

Have life's gains been more fleeting than life's losses?

I think it was Rick Warren who said:

"When you are down to nothing, God is up to something."

So what then is God up to when life eludes?

It is in losing the things of this world that you gain the things of His world.

When the things of life have evaded you, look for where Jesus has invaded you.


"I will strengthen them in the LORD
and in his name they will walk,"
declares the LORD." Zech 10:12


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