The Cry for Love

SOUL SNACK 129/13 ... The Cry for Love

To grasp God as love is to lay hold of His eternally good intentions.

It is I who beams God's image and it is I who is constructed by and for love. Man is created to be loved and to be loving - it is his eternal divine DNA.

Within all is the drive of love, to be both loved and loving; it is inescapable. The drive of love is simply the default position of being created in His image.

Then God said, "let us make man in our image..." (Gen 1:26)

It is from love that comfort arrives, and without love comfort is intuitively sought. The seeking of comfort is the cry for love.

Countless lives across countless millennia have sold their soul in the hunt for love as they cried for comfort. These souls have embarked on the search for their image regardless of cost and directed only by a compass of indulgence. Such sad lives have explored the wrong and harmful places, finding only false comfort in what darkens or destroys. In a horrid moment of pain some will realize they have exchanged the light of pure love for the shadow of empty lust.

In the search for love satan ensures that a poison always awaits, bottled with a false label. Immorality is the inviting label and eternal pain the poisonous contents.

When love has been absent, it was never God's intention for you but always satan's handiwork.

To grasp God as love is to lay hold of His eternally good intentions for YOU.

Today's Soul Snippet:

It is simple for the God who is everywhere to meet you where you are at.

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