New Wine ~ B

Soul Snack 218/13 ... New Wine - B

In the struggle to find Jesus through religion, much can be learned from His very presence around the religion of His day.

Jesus bracketed His earthly ministry with two temple cleansing incidents. He took a whip to the traders and a tirade to the priests. He was as zealous for correct worship as He was submissive to death.

Jesus' pure zeal is just as healthy today; He has not changed and His zeal has not waned. Through these two temple episodes Jesus demonstrated:

  • His disdain for the contemporary activity of the temple
  • He is setting the pattern for His ministry - a challenge to all religion
  • a herald for a new religion - manner of worship
  • this temple was to be done away with
  • His lack of fear to get worship right despite the deadly disapproval of powerful others
  • a metaphor pointing to how His death/ministry would transform religion and its operation. Religion was being turned upside down.

As from 2000 years ago, religion is again hewn in stone and sealed in time. Newer rituals (but now stale) are zealously held and the Holy Spirit rarely consulted - yet Jesus still creates a new wine and still leaves the best wine until last.

Jesus died to replace 'ceremony' with 'celebration.'

Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. (Jn 4:23)

"Rekindle in me Father my first love, that I will not be robbed by all the other religious loves I have since learned." AMEN

Today's Soul Snippet:

"While the carnal rules the spiritual evil will remain unchallenged." (quote from 'GREAT MERCY' arriving soon.)

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