A Gardening Lesson.

Soul Snack 9/207 ... A Gardening Lesson.

Water and mineral oils are not missable! (I think that means that they don't mix together.) Neither are gardening and I missable!

Yet there are times of necessity which usually occurs almost simultaneously with an abundance of weeds. Recently such an imperative occurred. I had to weed the sandpit - yep that's correct ... the sandpit!

Well, the golden Aussie sands are a delight to look at and not too difficult to weed. So, with all my expertise I summoned near supernatural strength and up-rooted some very healthy and tall specimens. I have actually learned that the bigger the weed the easier it is to uproot. (That is why my weeding is so definitely infrequent.)

Surprisingly (for me anyway) the fibrous root structures of those unknown but healthy weeds were exactly the same color as the sand they had been released from.

These weeds are common - I know because I usually pull them out of the garden soil. Yet, each time I have uprooted them from the garden the root system is identical in color to the soil.

To my mind the conclusion is clear; I become what I am planted in, what I feed on and what surrounds me.

Plant yourself in heaven, feed on Jesus and surround yourself in fellowship.

Keep company with Christ!


Do not be misled: "Bad company corrupts good character." 1 Cor 15:33


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