The Period of Power

Soul Snack 47/11 ... The Period of Power

Capture this picture in your mind's eye:

You kneel at the feet of Jesus,

You gaze upon the scarred the feet,

You wonder where those feet trod,

You lift your head, but dare not lift your body,

You talk to Him and invite Him into your life,

You open your heart to Him, as wide as He has opened His to you,

You now tell Him your all - you know this is ok, because He has already given you His all.

His feet then slide slightly rearward,

You remain kneeling, head bowed again,

He leans forward to bend over you and tussle your hair with His branded palms,

From His open-hearted eyes He gazes lovingly into your heart and caresses your soul,

Maybe even no-one has ever done this to you before, or no-one else can do this...

BUT do you know? ...  first for you to enjoy such times, you must stop and kneel and STAY?

Be still and know that I am God ... (Ps 46:10a)

Today's Soul Snippet:

Where others may see my pollution, Jesus will see my purity.