Knee built roofing

Soul Snack 79/11 ... Knee built roofing

Enticing the desires of the human spirit, sin seeks to have its way. Seducing the weaknesses, seeking the wounds, and seizing upon life's wonders, again it promises delight, but will only ever deliver death.

Picture for a moment three swarthy and weary thirty-something males, each leans against the other in a self-supporting triangle, each asleep overcome by sorrow. The darkness of the hour commensurate with the depth of their slumber. These three fatigued followers failing in their mid-night vigil.

Not far from them, merely a stone's throw in fact, Jesus wrestles in pain while they rest in peace. Exhaustion overcomes them, anguish overcomes their master. He simply prays.

Rising from prayer and reeling around to His lethargic disciples the cold evening fails to cool Jesus' feelings.  Astonished, He commands:

... Get up and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. (Lk 22:46)

This command only echoes what He has just been doing. His actions taught this, but were not witnessed by sleeping disciples. He now tells them with forthright boldness. Now they're alert.

Jesus lived it, Jesus knew it, Jesus taught it -- prayer is the canopy that prevents temptation. This is the only roof that can ever be built from the knees.

Today's Soul Snippet:

God will draw you from sin or sin will draw you from God.