A Railway Ramble

Soul Snack 57/10 .. A Railway Ramble

The ancient disused railway tunnel beckoned entry while its darkness promised adventure.

Pursuing the unknown can be as exhilirating as it is daunting. His feet followed his mind as the deepening shadow of the tunnel fell over him. The musty damp of a place where sunlight was absent filled his nostrils.

Careful steps were of little assistance as he descended into the darkness. It was almost inevitable that he would stumble regularly without any light.

The further he progressed, the more falls he had. Bruises were multiplied and pain more noticeably present.

To walk in the dark is to invite injury and even court death.

To answer the invitation of darkness is to seek bruising and release blessing.

To choose to sin is to choose darkness. Sin is advancing me into the dark. No good can result until the feet are  reversed and light approached.

"Let us examine our ways and test them,
       and let us return to the LORD." (Lam 3:40)

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