The Risen Life - C

Soul Snack 43/10 ... The Risen Life - C

By my early teenage years I had learned the artful skill of 'swapping'. Comic books (especially Phantom comics), football cards, lunch and even car badges were the currency of my 'art.' No deal was ever refused if I believed it was to my advantage.

The opportunity for a profitable exchange I still seek today. My dear wife now calls it my 'blood sport'.  The profit is of far less importance than creating a profitable exchange, for the deal itself, not the result is where the skill is found.

A miserable and most unjust 'blood sport' used to be conducted by the Romans. It too was a sport of exchange. A life for its sins, and with no profit to be made. Crucifixion was the currency.

In that era of acceptable and gross brutality a cosmic exchange was conducted that left both life and the world re-ordered. Crucifixion was the currency.

The currency Jesus traded with was self-crucifixion, and it is still the currency of today.

Jesus exchanged His life for mine, so I could exchange my life for His.

The risen life is lived when I no longer live but He lives in me.

"I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me". (Gal 2:20)

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