The Secret Place ~ C

Soul Snack 100/13 ... The Secret Place ~ C

The softest of devilish enticements glides upon spiritual pride - you are a Christian now, relax in your knowledge and your safe Calvinistic salvation. All is well, eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you feast at heaven.

This is an invitation to spiritual lethargy and the starving of the soul. Many Christians have found such an invitation pop into their spiritual inbox. It is a call from satan to trade today on yesterday's spiritual successes. This cajoling of the Christian, a massage to their spiritual pride is a sledgehammer to devotion.

Satan does not want you sailing in your faith - he wants you sinking.

Satan does not want you singing from your faith - he wants you sulking.

Satan does not want you satisfied in your faith - he wants you seeking.

We have stained our souls by copious service while neglecting a secret solitude.

The secret place becomes lost to the busy place; manna for the day has never been fetched, so hunger and then famine can be the only result. filled with the Holy Spirit. (Eph 5:18c)

This small verse is inspired and written in the present continuous tense. Thus each believer is enjoined to an ongoing daily joy of seeking the Holy Spirit, now and always. The need to seek His daily filling is not because the Holy Spirit leaks out from Christians, but rather He is the path New Testament Christians fetch their daily manna from.

Christianity is not a natural playground; it is a supernatural battle-ground. This campaign is first engaged through the secret place.

Today's Soul Snippet:

Jesus taught us to pray 'thy kingdom come - not my kingdom come'.

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