Churchill, God & Secrets

Soul Snack 210/13 ... Churchill, God & Secrets

July 6, 1942: Contemplate this - if Hitler falls into our hands we shall certainly put him to death. - Sir Winston Churchill.

Churchill was deeply opposed to a 'war crimes trial' of Hitler, simply desiring an execution for him. In Churchill's kinder moments he labelled Hitler as a 'gangster'.

Did you know this secret?

The worldwide thirst for secrets is as insatiable as the greed. Tabloids start, feed and grow on them.

Secrets are fascinating when they belong to others, but lethal when they belong to me.

The fear of being revealed guarantees secrets will always exist this side of Jesus' return.

Only the closest of relationships will know the deepest of secrets.

Broken relationships and broken hearts fearfully dwell in the closet of secrets. To have all exposed is to risk losing all. No wonder there is a 'locked closet' in every family and questions that never receive answers.

... He knows the secrets of the heart (Ps 44:21)

There is no risk though with God. He already knows all my secrets. He knows secrets about me I don't even know. He shares in all my secrets, AND still will share with me.

The world may well withdraw at my secrets yet knowing all my secrets only causes Jesus to draw closer to me.

Today's Soul Snippet:

Jesus turns bruising into blessing.

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