Paralysing Sin

Soul Snippet 123/13 ... Paralysing Sin

Sin places a yolk on the disciple; it binds them, captures them and refuses to be released.

Sin turns disturbance into torment and peace into pain. Its punishment knows no grace while its grip is life threatening.

Sin rolls harmony into hatred and twists the knife of death deftly closer. It is an unrelenting taskmaster.

Sin rarely glances affection yet lances affliction. Help will come from heaven but the wrestle within is hell.

Sin rains dry tears on a parched spirit, yet we all continue in sin.

Sin is a paralysing spider that still invites disciples to do deals with it - Jesus still doesn't!

Jesus said to him, "Away from me satan for it is written: Worship the Lord your God and serve Him only". Then the devil left Him and angels came and attended Him." (Matt 4:10-11)

It is impossible to pursue a path of sin and expect to find God at the end.

Today's Soul Snippet:

There are no worn out lives where there are worn out knees.

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