The Price of my Soul

Soul Snack 126/10 ... The Price of my Soul

The soul who sins is the one who will die. (Ez 18:4b)

Sin is cherished in the heart, desired in the flesh and sealed in the spirit.

The joys, the pleasures and the delights of sin envelope the entire being of man. The capture is relentless before it becomes complete.

Sin blinds the eyes, deafens the ears and sweetens the taste buds. Sin pleases itself.

Sin misrepresents itself as an entire package, replete in both satisfaction and selfishness. It offers enhanced indulgence and promoted passion. It desires to be desired above all things.

But what price is my soul? My soul is worth incalculably more than a temporal exchange of delight, for the eternal damnation of punishment.

The single satisfaction of my flesh can never be worth more than the eternal worship of my spirit.


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