Of gaping seams and tears

Soul Snack 121/10 ... Of gaping seams and tears

Patched together is surely the best way to express the fabric of human lives. From the cradle to the coffin, none are able to walk a seamless life.

The patches are cut and then sown from conception. The various life patches are held together with an undignified amalgam of sewing, staples and even sticky tape. Nevertheless, despite these frail joins, the patches still remain as one piece. Even with life's assailing wear and tear, life's fabric usually holds fast. It still comforts and warms. It continues to protect and provide a decent privacy.

There are times too, though, where this patchwork fabric of life is torn with tears and the seams are broken with burdens. 

Gaping tears and broken seams still serve their purpose. They create the hole that permits Jesus to enter.

Life's worn and torn fabrics reveal those underneath it. There is no more ability for pretense, the opportunity to cover up is as removed as the hole is large.

Where there are holes, finally Jesus is able to enter and repair from the inside out. He uses no amalgam of earthly fasteners, rather He bestows His eternal pure love.


Love never fails. (1 Cor 13:8a)

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