An Extravagant Love - A

Soul Snack 127/10 ... An Extravagant Love - A

Jesus address to you from His seat of grace, beaming with pleasure toward you would read something like this I am sure ...

"To the war-torn, the wounded and the weary, I HAVE SEEN YOUR HEART and I say to you:

I delighted at your birth,

I rejoiced at your baptism,

I sing songs over you each day,

I receive unshakeable pleasure with you,

I want to live with you now,

I want to nurse you in my arms,

I want to bounce you on my lap,

I want to tussle your hair,

I want to smile into your soul and

I want to fill your heart with light.

My arms are extended to you now,

My pierced palms are open for you,

I will not chide you - I will cover you,

COME TO ME NOW - PLEASE!" ... Jesus the Christ.

All that the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away. (Jn 6:37)

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