Brand Recognition

Soul Snack 8/220 ... Brand Recognition

Large, heavily tattooed forearms graced the chrome windowsill of the car door. A wound down window and a hot dusty roadside was the context for a conversation between friends.

He wore a permanent wristband, biceps band and neckband. His name  was 'tiny', but he wasn't.

Innocently my 5 year old chortled after inspecting his naked arms, ' gee, you must have been REALLY good at school to get so many stamps!'.

He was literally a marked man. No inch of his torso untouched. He was branded with the desperate final scenes of Ned Kelly's last stand. 'Tiny' would be always instantly recognisable.

In answering my innocent 'princess', he softly reflected (knowing he was also talking with a priest, and reflecting many of our previous conversations), '...these are the only things I can take to the grave.'

His boast was correct - this sizable human tapestry would indeed be buried with him.

It can be good to be branded,to be clearly recognisable.

Individual companies across the globe can spend the equivalent of a small country's annual income simply on brand recognition.

Jesus brands His own too. He has you branded now. He has you covered now.

This is how He identifies Himself with you and for you. Branding is all about ownership and belonging. It is the sign of possession. With possession also comes the protection of the owner.

His tattoo for you was drawn by long, hand hammered nails at the cross and dried in a cool cave tomb.

He was branded on the cross, that He could brand you safely  as His forever.

They were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any plant or tree, but only those people who did not have the seal of God on their foreheads.  Rev 9:4

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