Cosmic Conspiring - A

Soul Snack 9/24 ... Cosmic Conspiring - A

Are dices thrown that are out of my view? Why are plans lost and life ragged?

Life is full with the fickle randomness of statistically impossible chance meetings at ordained intersections.

So much of life may occur as a cannoned billiard ball, rather than a selected feast.

The menu of life may be viewed, but not all items are available for selection.

Unaware, unknown and unpredictable elusive decisions seeded in the spiritual world minute by minute impact my carnal existence.

Choices made and chances taken unanimously can lead to unknown and uncontrollable outcomes.

Impotence is the levelling quotient to all life's endeavours. I may plan but I can't guarantee.

To plan and then live without the Lord is even more foolish than not planning at all.

I need only He who has my future in His hands. I don't know my outcomes, but I should know He who does.


The horse is made ready for the day of battle,
       but victory rests with the LORD.  Prov 21:3


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