A Foolish Fox!

Soul Snack 53/11 ... A Foolish Fox!

Jesus' reputation had preceded Him, it had even penetrated into Herod's palace. The man that Jesus had previously dubbed as that fox (Lk 13:32) now welcomed Him.

"When Herod saw Him ... he hoped to see him perform some miracles." Lk 23:8

A pleased Herod simply hoped to witness some cosmic carnival.

The outward circumstances of Jesus' life had already caused Herod to form an opinion. Jesus had become to Herod little more than an ancient miracle monger. Yet outward circumstances do not always betray the truth.

The nails soon to be hammered into Jesus' hands and the notice affixed above His tortured scalp, would be far more thorough evidence to the righteous identity of Jesus. The gracious silence of Jesus' troubled lips provided further indication that an important man was actually in the presence of true greatness.

Herod looked for miracles (Mark 8:12) and he missed the Messiah.

Across the western world the Messiah is still mentioned and the Messiah is still missed.

The Messiah is not found in miracles alone - He is found in nailed righteousness.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"If God said it - expect it." ~ anon