Future Grace - Now!

Soul Snack 9/85 ... Future Grace - Now!

Walking up the Mt of Olives surely terror was in His heart and betrayal on His mind. His belly full, but his soul empty. Prayer would precede the passion, as surely as betrayal would precede His death.

Not knowing the future is a grace that no human can underestimate. This grace, the Father had not given Him.

All the more audacious then, the last supper must become. Jesus has fed, ate with and cleansed His betrayer. He has guided, affirmed and consoled His deserters. Judas knew he would betray, the disciples did not know they would desert. Jesus still served them all. No self-complaint, self-promotion or self-care. All this within the sounds of a wanton crowd and nails being driven by a hammer.

Then Jesus told them, "This very night you will all fall away on account of me ... Mt 26:31

He knows my future sins too.

Yet, my sinful future that He is fully aware of, He does not allow to hinder His faithfulness and grace to me in the present. He knows that although I will let Him down tomorrow, He will still be kind to me today.

O' Lord - if only I can understand all your grace to me this day I pray. AMEN

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