Grace laden gumtrees!

SOUL SNACK 9/130 ... Grace laden gumtrees!

The vista of snow laden gumtrees beckoned an irresistible stare.

This unusual sight, a pleasant contradiction in His natural world, truly engaged most senses.

Pleasure filled the eyes and delight met the soul. Paperbarks amidst snowdrifts - unusually possible but also day defining.

Difficulties that had torn the spirit and pain that coursed the veins were somehow hidden now from the soul.

The perplexities of the preceding week, the robbing of rest and the brokenness of humility all so less significant before the bliss that now entertained these eyes.

As the gaze remained fixed, musings gained momentum. In another moment of cerebral indulgence the reflection arrives; 'Jesus knows the recent distress; He walked beside me in it! Is this present snowfall also for my present delight?'

"God's mercies are new every morning!"

How wonderful it is to dwell with you Jesus, in pain and in pleasure, in burden and in blessing, in grief and in grace. Thankyou - Amen

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