Highest Humility

Soul Snack 9/102 ... Highest Humility

I feel so important in my world! I am king!

I make my own decisons! They always suit ME! They are always right!

I order my world for my delight!

I am both my servant and my master!

I decide my going outs and my coming ins!

I decide my rising and my retiring. I am solidly in charge!


Perilously perched in places 260m above the tree canopy glistening from its green leaves, I am bluntly confronted by my mere humanity. The hollow metre high cyclone fencing really the only impediment to personal oblivion.

Spectaculary stretching before was an uninterrupted South Pacific horizon. 180' that convinced me of my own physical insignificance.

Pondering this panorama from The Illawarra Fly accurately reveals (just maybe) my true place upon His earthly creation. A tiny created speck that He just decided to love.

Always in my world I am high. When I correctly perceive my place upon His earth I can only be humble. Only then will I be right.

He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them his way. Ps 25:9

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