Cheap Nails

Soul Snack 9/7 ... Cheap Nails

Warming himself on a cold murderous evening, was he who had strided across stormy waters to a messianic outstretched hand, and he who had been given the invincible keys to heaven. Yet in answering a simple servant girl he denies Jesus thrice.

Peter cries, the Lord dies! Peter weeps earthly deep tears. The Lord bleeds eternal tears.

Sin is never more than an exactly correct opportunity away. No law can prevent or change sin. The ever expanding penal system is ample evidence of this.

Christ is the end of the law so that there may be righteousness for everyone who believes. Romans 10:4


Jesus is the end of the law. He shows all who would listen how to live - I don't need the law anymore to show me.

Love for Jesus, not fear of the law, now becomes my motivation to good living.

Sin is when I still love myself more than Jesus. I sin to make myself happy thereby disregarding that I am making Him unhappy. Sin is cheapening His rusty nails and diluting His separated blood.

To fall into sin is JUST so easy, to climb out can be so much harder.

Love can (and will) lift me out, the law cannot. (see also Gal 3)

In the law there is only binding condemnation, but in love there is liberating grace.

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