Birthplace Matters

Soul Snack 9/12 ... Birthplace Matters

Did you know that your birthplace is very important?

Privilege comes with birth. Birthplaces are all about inclusion and exclusion.

I was born in Sydney, which is really good if I want to live and vote and work In Australia. I am included! It is not at all good if I want to live and work and vote in Seattle. There I am excluded!

Birthplace gives both citizenship and belonging. It is permanent and unchangeable. My birth is recorded in Sydney at The Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. My birth in Sydney is completely indisputable. My heritage is without doubt. I have both citizenship and belonging in Australia.

The LORD will write in the register of the peoples:
       "This one was born in Zion." Ps 87:6

However unlike my first birth, there is a place I can choose to be born in. There is another and even better place for citizenship and belonging than Sydney.

The City of God is THE city to be born in. Birth in Zion is to belong to God and to hold Heaven's passport.

To be born in Zion is to have my birthplace as my resting place. My delivery is also my destiny.

My birth in Zion is desired and observed with great happiness (unlike so many births on earth). It is recorded, I can't be 'misplaced'. My birth is that special to Him that he writes my name in heaven. He will not forget me, and will absolutely guarantee my seat at His feast. Birth in Zion will never mean I am a refugee, a displaced person or unwanted. There is always a place I can call home.

A Zion birth can't be lost, spent or stolen. It can't be given away or destroyed. It won't rust. But it can be shared. My birthplace matters for both me and for others.

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