Shooting Sin

Soul Snack 9/83 ... Shooting Sin

The ferocity of his fist felled another yet again.

Thc click of the mouse welcomed a wrestle he had too often lost.

Reaching attentively to the table's centre he lifted another card - his family would remain familiar with hunger.

Each heart sank to both a more hollow and low depth after they had reflected on their actions afresh.

Is the repetition of sin an even greater sadness to the Lord than to the guilt-ridden sinner?

Sin is free to be chosen or resisted.

The freedom to sin is found in its availability and presence. Soon freedom to sin can become slavery to sin. The choice is then gone, freedom is lost and and slavery willingly entered into. (Eccl 8:8d)

Whether sin ranges from bad thoughts to bribery or a polluted mind to polluting words, it will always result in slavery when not refused.

Resistance and refusal of sin is seeded in being prepared with prayer.

Poor sin resistance is seeded in tiredness that brings weakness.

The times of vulnerability satan is clearly aware of. The personal availability for sin so recognisable to him. In fact he recognises my openness for sin far more readily than I do.

Understand sin's triggers and squeeze out a prayer.

It is in prayer that I enlist the help of heaven when the hail of hell assails me.

... he said to them, "Pray that you will not fall into temptation." Luke 22:40


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