A Trilogy of Tenderness 3

Soul Snack 9/135 - A Trilogy of Tenderness - 3

Upon each soul alike falls the opportunity for irreversible forgiveness. Many refuse to accept, blind to this proferred heavenly generosity, while others fall instantly to their knees. The repentant engage in sobering humility that will be new and eternally life changing for them.

Jesus is no discriminator of men, or selector of persons. His unshakeable offer is subject to no fickle fancies or cosmic marketing gurus.

The offer of forgiveness He supplied with tenderness, nailed for all to see! Surely tenderness is both the seed and the conduit of forgiveness.

The response of mankind was to literally bury the forgiveness!

The response of mankind was to ignore the tenderness!

The response of heaven was to remain unchanged!

Irreversible and tender forgiveness still remains today - for God is no 'indian giver'!

Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." Lk 23:34a

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