Drinking the Divine

Soul Snack S4 ... Drinking the Divine

Tinged in the green of good health, she knelt. Silence lightly cascaded over every sinew of her soul. Dampened by the Spirit, refreshment was arriving again.

The nearby unobtrusive hum of a PC fan continued to whir absolutely unnoticed. Entering the place of His presence was her present delight.

With a mind empty of care and covetousness, coupled with a body empty of movement, she willingly drew into the magnetic presence of His Grace.

The joy of such stillness is untold. The knowledge of this stillness is unearthly. The result of the stillness is divine refreshment. With heaven happily open, a superior strength arrives. Peace is present.

Praise touches her lips and thanks fill her mind.

No requests, no recriminations are raised now to His Throne.

Consumed in this restoring rest, neither she nor God would have it any other way. They had exchanged attention.

This thirsty soul drank very well again. She simply stopped to drink from the Divine.

As the deer pants for the water, so my soul longs after you, O God. (Ps 42:1)

Today’s Soul Snippet:
The catalyst for His grace was my sin, the place for His grace is me.

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