Seeing well!

Soul Snack 9/24 ... Seeing well!

Reaching across the threshold of my life (hmmm ... I don't want to go too deep), peering through my puny existence I see 'nothing to write home about'! In fact there is far more to see that I wish I couldn't & far more to remember that I also wish I could forget!

Yet strangely He does not see what I see about me, nor will He recall what is still so vivid to me. His vision of me is far purer than mine, His love for me is far higher than mine and His devotion to me far more sacrificial.

Even when I sin He does not refuse to bless me, He doesn't withdraw, withhold or go wild on me!

He has named unconditional love in His birth, then He lived it on the cross and now He still gives it to me.

Within His grace I now breath, under His care I now live, and beside my steps He is always present.

Sadly I still see the sin within me, happily He only sees the forgiveness He has placed upon me!

I know that you are pleased with me .. Ps 41:11a

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