Marriage Mayhem

Soul Snack 86 ... Marriage Mayhem

'The master of the banquet had tasted the water that had turned into have saved the best till now.' (Jn 2:8b & 10b)

Red eyes, bloated bellies and relaxed muscles still expected more. Many guests, much wine and massive toasting had emptied the wine barrels. Ignorant to the gravity of the situation they awaited their refills.

Useless empty jugs were randomly strewn across the untidy tables. Empty wine goblets rolled around the clay floor strangely unobserved. Littering the floor, the conspicuous refuse of consecutive days of celebration. Wearied guests reclined on indulgence stained cushions. Leaning heavily against these now familiar low tables they discussed the celebrations thus far.

Wine the expectation, water only available. To serve the wedding guests water would be anathema, a guarantor of current and future derision. This could only mean marriage mayhem.

Yet a wise mother would intervene and a divine son would help.

This Son gives outrageous orders, 'put water into wine barrels.' (As if that would help!) Yet the servants dutifully follow instructions.

When the divine son is obeyed He changes the 'common' to 'choice'. Water has become wine.

This, Jesus will do for all who follow Him. Through obedience, I who am 'common' will become 'choice'.

The impossible is available to those who rely on the eternal.