No Entry?

Soul Snack 9/4 ... No Entry?

'No Entry' signs dominate our lives both to our detriment and well being?

'No Entry' is a choice that we often make. It is usually for our welfare.

However somtimes I need to allow the entrance of another and 'No Entry' is actually a detriment to me.

Which part of my life do I withhold from God permission to enter? Where does God see my erected 'No Entry' signs? Is this sign at the entrance to my:

  • my health,
  • my mind (soul),
  • my verbal, emotional and physical responses,
  • my speech and conversations,
  • my ambitions,
  • my failures,
  • my successes,
  • my pride,
  • my past, my present and my future,
  • my spirit,
  • my body,
  • my sin,
  • my sadnesses and despairs,
  • my mistakes and my problems,
  • my sleeplessness,
  • my awakenings,
  • my giving,
  • my hospitality,
  • my ending each day,
  • my misunderstandings,
  • my self-confidence and abilities,
  • my relationships, both close and distant
  • and my self relationship and understandings?
God is always a gentleman. He will purposefully stay away from my parts I choose not to give.

Which part of my life do I still want to suffer detriment in?
Which part of my life has God communicated to me He wants to be absent from?
Which part of my life does God want to restrain His blessings from?
Which part of my life is God disinterested in?
Which part of my life did He withhold from Jesus' nail driven, cross suspended redemptive hands?
Which part of Himself, His Son and His Spirit has he withheld from me?

God has held no 'No Entry' sign to me.

... for God gives the Spirit without limit. Jn 3:34b

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