Unseen Comfort

Soul Snack 8/94 ... Unseen Comfort

There is an intangible presence of comfort available in this world.

I can pursue my will with all my resident energy.

I can give 110% to all my desires.

I can devote me to my well being. And, I can still fail to achieve.

But my losses, my impotence, and my impediments are not empty.

There remains this intangible presence of comfort in our world.

The reflective commentary on failure explained so ubiquitously ' ... it must have been God's will ...' !

God's will, His purposes, His rule will always enter our losses to comfort. (Even remove self-blame!) This thought is for all, when my talents, my time, my abilities even my heart were irrelevant to the success of my attempts.

My will, my words, my work can never overrule God. My plans for me, may well not be His plans for me. His purposes can never be thwarted.

Enjoy this comfort, relax in His truths - His will always wins! I can't beat God. (This is sooo good!)

After all, who is more likely to harm me, myself or God?

'In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.' Prov 16:9

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