Dismal Devotion!

Soul Snack 8/219 ... Dismal Devotion!

Gale force winds and driving rain snatched repeatedly at the frail plastic door lock and assaulted this aged aluminium van.

Inside felt secure, outside didn't.

Under my weary elbows was a stained and thin chipboard table, fortunately fastened very well to the plywood floor. It had been my foolhardy intention that wild and inhospitable evening to camp in a cheap tent.

The final  thirty minutes of the  five hour ride into the cooler alpine regions had seen an unseasonal storm unleashed upon me. The winding mountainous roads most treacherous now to any and all throttle jockeys in this rapidly descending, deep darkness. Stirred by the storm, frenetic kangaroos and rabbits alike were willingly attempting suicide (and maybe even murder) in the piercing yellow headlight beam of my bike.

Nearly dry now, hot brew in hand, I reach for my Bible. There is thankfulness in my head and prayer on my heart. Bible nearby, but reading glasses still at home. Insignificant feelings of damp are now immediately replaced by deep feelings of disappointment.

I learn afresh on this hostile night that while-ever I am on earth I will THIRST for The Word and all the more when prevented from accessing it.

How sweet are your words to my taste,
       sweeter than honey to my mouth!   Ps 119:103

It is very difficult to conduct devotion, to enjoy His sweetness without being centred on The Word. It anchors, it focuses, it calms, it provokes, it directs and it speaks. It tastes so good.(cf Ps 34:8)

On earth, I guess devotion without The Word is like a marriage without a bed. It still may function, but is missing something from its original design, something that is pivotal to real satisfaction.

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