Relent to repent!

Soul Snack 9/114 ... Relent to repent!

BELIEVE IT - God truly does intervene in human affairs!

Governments across the world may wish to absent the Christian faith from their reasonings and conclusions. I can choose to lead life without His company too but no man can ever choose to lead life without His interventions!

Jonah was no skilled ancient mariner, no sea dog of vast experience! Rapidly he had learnt that God does intervene in the affairs of men.

Most foolishly Jonah had thought he was a better swimmer than a speaker! His disobedience only saw the distress of a call, but obedience only sees the importance! Jonah was still learning that his freedom was not for his indulgence.

Jonah had been released from death by drowning and then unceremonially released from a fish with a severe indigestion. Free on the beach Jonah had relented and knew he was freed to serve. Jonah's freedom was to bring freedom to Nineveh. God intended Jonah to be a river not reservoir - as He does for us too.

Jonah's sinfulness had brought absolutely innocent sailors near death because sin is never conducted in a vacuum - it always impacts another. Likewise though, obedience too is never lived in a vacuum - it will bring good to another.

Finally, Jonah had learnt that in repenting he can never make life worse.

Jonah obeyed the word of the LORD and went to Nineveh. Jonah 3:3

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