'Rock Shelves'

Soul Snack ... 8/130 'Rock shelves'.

An unwearied rock-shelf marked the permanent boundary between safety and danger. Time, torrents and tide only an unnoticed irritation for this indefatigable boundary.

Sea spray constantly drenching this stubborn, finite marker between sea and shore. Scarred but not defeated it demonstrates both tenacity and permanence. Something made by God does not readily yield.

This construction from the cosmos undaunted by any of man's contamination, completely faithful in its role.

Immovable and unchallengeable the rock ledge enjoys its divinely given strength. It 'lives' its function, undaunted as the edge to both safety and danger. It remains unyielding.

Cosmic construction is real in all of life, even mine. Such construction always is for a purpose. It may dampen me, it may spray upon me, it may even scar and fashion me through the waves of time, but it will always build me to be strong.

God has deliberately placed me at the boundary of sea and shore. He has strengthened me for this position. He has fashioned me to be immovable.

To know this, is to know that I can stand strong, and be His reliable safety marker for those about to dive head-long into injury. I may not be able to stop them, but I sure can show them where the edge is.

He has so fashioned me that I may save others from 'their own fashioning'. I can even be strong so they do not need to be. I can be their border between safety and danger.

For the LORD watches over the way of the righteous ... Ps 1:6a

The Lord watches over my way, that I too may watch over the way of others.

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