Devotion's Apex?

Soul Snack 9/99 ... Devotion's Apex?

Coursing largely unnoticed thru the spiritual veins of His followers is a little perceived righteousness.

There is an internal divine implant that is a compass towards 'right-wise-ness.' In a similar manner to a clock's hands that naturally move clockwise, so too a christian in the pursuit of His 'right'.

This 'right-wise-nes' is the beneficial result of:
  • being alerted to my sin,
  • rejecting my sin, and then
  • becoming dead to sin.
The above is clear evidence of Jesus' intervening righteousness.

I still often wonder if the hardest part of dying to my sinfulness is recognising my sinfulness!

A life given to righteousness (right-wise-ness) can only be achieved when my sin has been killed within.

... We (have) died to sin; how can we live in it any longer? Rms 6:2

Is this an apex of devotion, a hitherto unspoken joy, when I can pray:

Thankyou so much Father for showing me my sin and making me alive to your righteousness. May this now be my permanent and inproving state on earth, until I sit before you. Father, each day I want to die a little more to sin. AMEN

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