Faith File - A

Soul Snack 8/194 ... Faith File - A

John Kavanaugh intentionally approaches Mother Teresa on the streets of Calcutta. His heart is to be faithful, his desires are pure.

Encompassed by the stagnant and desperate lives existing in 'the house of the dying' he asks Mother Teresa to pray for him.

'Pray that I might have clarity.'

'No,' came the perfunctory reply. She explains, 'I have never had clarity, what I have always is trust!'

To Mother Teresa clarity obscures trust. She is correct. Clarity is to live by sight.

Jesus always asks His followers to step into the unseen, into a good darkness (and just maybe even without any visible means of support). This is His spiritual satnav for physical life on earth.

We live by faith, not by sight. 2 Cor 5:7

(This Snack is inspired by the same anecdote in "Ruthless Trust" by Brennan Manning.)

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