Fridge Faith

Soul Snack 9/109 ... Fridge Faith

Ice Age 3 is here! Young minds are captured, old ones call for more.

Dinosaurs, mammoths and fact filled fossils have engaged men's minds since well before Darwin sailed into unchartered scientific waters upon 'The Beagle.'

Cryogenics, the art of freezing with an intent maybe of later release, knows that freezing stops decay. To freeze my faith is to lock me in a permanent place of safety. Faith is a decay preventing mechanism. It was invented in heaven and locks me securely while I am on earth. I need to freeze my faith, remove from it the distractions that would melt it.

BUT - there is also a problem with frozen faith. If my faith is frozen it is also locked in and locked away. Frozen faith isn't growing faith. Frozen faith is impacting no-one.

Surely there must be a middle position for my faith?

Maybe I just need a refrigerator? Keep my faith cool, don't let it melt away, but readily available for when I need it, to add to it or just give some away!

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Hebs 11:1

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