SoulSupply's Top 15 Quotes Over 15 Years ~ Part A


  1. The impossible is available to those who rely on the eternal.
  2. While the carnal rules the spiritual, evil will remain unchallenged.
  3. Devotion to doctrine has replaced the doctrine of devotion.
  4. Anger is attempting to control another without controlling yourself.
  5. Jesus spilled blood was so His life and His followers lives would spell righteousness.
  6. Jesus' new wine is to replace ceremony with celebration.
  7. Jesus died for relationship and not ritual.
  8. If your church shows you law while your heart screams for love, you are in a court and not a church.
  9. Religious performance is as hollow as death is long.
  10. 2000 years ago Jesus replaced law with love - today His Holy Spirit is replacing theology with truth.
  11. Theology has become the arbiter of truth when it cannot be the guarantor of truth.
  12. The pillars of faith have blindly been replaced by the columns of sight and the heart remains unconvinced.
  13. Humility is becoming what you have despised and realizing that you were wrong.
  14. The Man of Sorrows died for the men of sorrow.
  15. The quality of the path is no indicator of the quality of the destination.

Ask where the good way is and find rest for your soul. (Jeremiah 6:16b)

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