Spiritual Ambition - B ~ The Drift of the Hour

Spiritual ambition does not wed any yearnings of the carnal soul. It is a humble aspirant and singular purpose that brooks no competitors, nary one at all.

Spiritual ambition is by far the most difficult to reach for. It is in constant conflict, indeed a war with the enticements of the flesh and is never understood by other men. Educated Christians and pagans alike think it strange when the spiritually ambitious withdraw from their floods of wisdom and shackles of values. The spiritually ambitious walk on feet shod with an enduring leather that will not carry them away upon the drift of the hour.*

Persistently the spiritually ambitious man lowers and hides himself. It becomes his daily hunger to live unseen; consequently his thirst becomes to draw refreshment only from the full wells of anonymity. (These wells are never emptied for so few seek to drink from their vast reserves.) 

The gaze of man nor his acclaim are welcomed in the soul of the spiritually ambitious.

Not one is anonymous before God but the spiritually ambitious live to be unknown before man.

Choose for and then celebrate invisibility, for from this a stronghold is erected and a planting in the richest of soil unto eternity is received.

The drift of the hour can submerge no man who refuses to float with it.

Friendship with the world is hatred towards God. (James 4:4a)

Today's Soul Snippet:

"There is always a path of righteousness to walk on any plain of pain." ~ Michael Cartwright

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* Italics are a Tozer phrase